Creative-in-Residence Program begins at RC

We are excited to announce the Creative-in-Residence program at Robert College. Our goal is to invite artists, writers, creators, and educators to visit our campus to expose our students to their creative process while providing a unique environment in which to work.

Our inaugural Creator is renowned chemical engineer and textile designer Dr. Gönül Paksoy visiting from 18 to 28 April. Gönül Hanım will share her principles and process of sustainability and zero waste in all aspects of her work. 

We Invite Our Alumni to Join Us

Opening Night: A Zoom Conversation on Sustainability and Zero Waste with Dr. Gönül Paksoy

Monday, 18 April at 7 to 8pm

Register to receive the Zoom link. The conversation will be held in Turkish with simultaneous translation to English.

Dr. Gönül Paksoy will discuss how she aims for zero waste in her textile and gastronomy businesses, why it is so important, and what challenges she faces.

Closing Night: Creative Hat Auction 

Thursday, 28 April 7:30 to 9:00 pm 

in the Suna Kıraç Theater

Reserve your ticket here.

During the two weeks that Dr. Gönül Paksoy is in-residence, students will take part in workshops creating hats from reused clothes along with natural materials such as leaves and branches found on campus. These creations will be auctioned to support the RC Scholarship Fund.  

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