Senior Leadership Team

Maria Orhon

Academic Director

Maria Orhon has been working as an educator since 1977, when she began teaching English at Istanbul International Community School; she continued her connection to the school by serving on the board of trustees after moving to Robert College in 1998. 

She has taught all levels of English at RC and has had several administrative roles, including duties in academics, residential life, and student activities. As Academic Director since 2002, she has been focused on continuing to make sure that the RC program consistently meets global standards of excellence in education, in all of its dimensions.

She loves to inspire new ways of teaching and learning for students and teachers and is excited by innovation and change. Ms. Orhon has presented and given teacher trainings in both English and Turkish on a variety of subjects, including school culture, integrating technology into the curriculum, writing across the curriculum, curriculum mapping, planning for block lessons, ESL strategies for all content areas, and integrating attitude goals with students. 

Ms. Orhon earned her B.A. and then her M.A. in English Language and Literature at Bosphorus University, and has done graduate studies in education at Michigan State University, as well as studies on language acquisition.  

She loves being with her family, reading, walking, cooking (while listening to podcasts), baking for her students, music, dancing, and theater. Her daughter, Alara, is a graduate of RC 00.

Maria Orhon
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