Goal of the Generating Changemakers : Community Service Manuals:

We have seen first hand the powerful positive impact our Robert College Community Involvement Program has had on our students and on school culture. We wanted to share this initiative with all over Turkey. The logical place to start was with teachers and with the Educational Faculties of Universities. But the needs of each target group is different so we came up with 2 different manuals.

I. Goal of the Manual for High School teachers:

This manual is designed to be used as a yearlong elective that MEB offers in 9th grade to promote social awareness and responsibility (Sosyal Etkinlik Dersi )

But the ideas and activities here could be incorporated into many courses, especially English or Turkish language, and social studies courses. These activities would also work well in a social responsibility, social service, or community involvement club. They could also be done during counseling hours or as the basis for a Community Involvement type program such as the one at Robert College.

All the activities in the High school manual, have been piloted either with our Robert College students in their English preparatory year or as part of their CIP program and changed them according to feedback. 

II. Goal of the Manual for University Instructors:

The manual for university instructors was designed to be used in the practicum electives that the educational faculties of universities are required to offer

(Topluma Hizmet Uygulamaları Dersi) . [1]  It was piloted at Bogazici University in the ED 300 lesson.

[1] In the Bologna Universities Constitution that was approved by the presidents of 388 European universities in 1988, it was stressed that:

  • The future would be determined by scientific, cultural and technological developments,
  • It was necessary to aim to raise generations that are sensitive to the environment,
  • And community service was also a function of universities.

In this context, they decided on four basic principles: autonomy; the association of teaching and research; autonomy in teaching and research; and humanitarian understanding. The council of higher education in Turkey then decided to offer a community service practicum course in the education faculties with the aim of integrating the universities with society (Anadolu Üniversitesitesi).

Community Service Manual for High School Teachers

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Community Service Manual for University Instructors

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