The RC Center for Educational Research is the place where evidence meets practice: How does our increasing knowledge about how the brain works inform our lesson design? How do we best integrate the feedback and formative assessment practices into our classes to most impact learning? How does classroom climate impact learning and growth? Is student perception of their own learning something we can use to guide our lesson design? These are the questions that guide our professional learning and growth.

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The Journal for Teaching and Learning at Robert College is a bi-lingual publication that celebrates effective teaching and learning strategies and practice. By highlighting what is most effective in our community, we aim to inspire and encourage excellence in our professional practice.

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Our Research

Currently, the RC Center for Educational Research guides a team of student researchers: The Make Learning Better Group is student-led team of students and faculty whose mission is to investigate the most effective learning practices for students at Robert College. Under the guidance of faculty members, the students in our group conduct research, collect and analyze data, and engage in root cause analysis focused on current issues identified by the student body and by faculty. Our goal is to make regular classroom learning experiences more effective for our students.

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