Counseling is the process of helping people to understand themselves, their feelings and their world so that they are able to make sensible decisions and accept responsibility for the outcome of their decisions. The Counseling Department cooperates with students, parents and teachers with the purpose of helping them find solutions to the difficulties they experience, analyze their problems, gather information about their reality, and reflect on the outcomes.  

Robert College’s guidance counselors work closely with students in counseling courses that are part of the school program as well as following their progress in all areas, from the time the students enter the school throughout their five years until graduation. They also meet with them individually to get to know them.   

The services provided by the Counselors include: 

  • Group and individual counseling for interested students when needed, on study methods, anxiety, peer pressure, communication skills, decision making, career choices, etc.
  • Academic follow-up and individual counseling
  • Tests and surveys that assess their areas of interest, their skills and their propensities
  • Support for residential advisors
  • Parent seminars on weekends and weekdays, including Effective Parenting seminars over six weeks for small closed groups of parents, focusing on Adolescence and Communication Skills

In addition, the psychological counselors are specialists who received training in child protection. If a child’s safety or health is in danger, they make sure that the necessary measures are taken and followed up. They welcome communication with parents and students to avoid any potential harm to the students.

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