Alumni Campus Use Guidelines

One of the benefits that Robert College alumni enjoy is being able to visit campus. The following guidelines have been prepared with the health and safety of our community in mind. We aim to ensure that alumni can enjoy the facilities while also preserving them for our current students.

Campus Access

  • From 8:00 to 21:00 on weekdays and weekends
  • Alumni may bring up to 4 guests
  • Photo ID for all individuals must be shown at the gates
  • Outdoor sports facilities may be used outside of school hours, when not being used by students
  • To access the gym, please make reservations by contacting us at
  • When using the Plateau, please follow the rules posted at the Plateau entrance in order to protect the field and track, as well as the Plateau area 
  • İbrahim Bodur Library: The registration fee for our Alumni to borrow books from the library collection is 600 TL for 12 months. Alumni can check out a maximum of 2 books at a time for 3 weeks. Alumni may visit the library between 15:45-19:45 from Monday through Thursday and between 9:30-17:00 on Saturday. Library hours will change during school holidays. Please contact for further information
  • Murat Karamancı Student Center (MKSC): alumni may purchase drinks and snacks from the canteen at MKSC
  • Emergency Protocols: If you hear the emergency siren while on campus, please proceed to the MKSC parking lot area where your attendance will be taken. Please remain quiet while walking toward the meeting point
  • Please keep the campus clean for others to enjoy. Recyclables and trash may be disposed of in the bins provided
  • Pets may not be brought to campus
  • Alcohol and smoking are not allowed on campus


Class reunions for milestone years may be held on campus . To discuss organizing your class reunion at RC contact


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