Within the framework of the activities of Robert College, an enterprise-wide information system has been designed to serve the following:

  • Protect the confidentiality of student, stakeholder, and corporate information assets by limiting access only to the authorized persons, and maintain data integrity by preventing unauthorized revisions, and document any amendments made, and ensure access, when needed, by providing availability only for those who have been authorized,
  • Implement all policies and procedures supporting this policy by each unit, and fulfill all legal requirements,
  • Ensure awareness by offering ongoing information security trainings to all employees,
  • Notify any information security vulnerabilities and suspicious circumstances discovered to the relevant authorities,
  • Carry out controls and take corrective actions by authorized persons to make sure of ongoing improvement of the system,
  • Execute the work of Information Security Risks Analysis on regular and systematic manner,
  • Set up and maintain a system required to prevent incidents of information security breaches, and
  • Carry out necessary works of Business Continuity to make sure of providing uninterrupted service.

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