Community Involvement

Instilling a sense of responsibility in students is very important for RC, with a larger aim that all students internalize the ideal of giving back to the community, locally and globally. The goal is that this becomes a life-long practice. The Community Involvement Program (CIP) requires students to serve the broader community for at least 75 hours by graduation.

Teachers and students travel to the far reaches of Turkey or stay nearby to work on activities such as the “Geometry for the Visually Impaired” project, in which RC math students developed a curriculum to teach visually impaired students geometry at their schools.

Robert College has taken steps toward a greater sense of responsibility for the environment, with initiatives on and off campus to use materials sparingly and to recycle waste better. Taking responsibility for the future is our tradition.

Uğur Kılıç, RC 16

“I felt even more valuable by touching other people's lives and saw that as young people we can have a positive impact on other people's lives through projects that we plan and apply.”

Projects by Province, 2007-2018

This number includes 50 individual projects which took place from Büyükçekmece to Tanzania and Nepal

We aim to enable students to become contributing citizens in the areas of society, science, politics, commerce, education and culture, in Turkey and the world.
Zeynep Gulal, RC 14

“I truly believe that it made me a more sensitive and caring person. It made me understand the significance of community outreach projects, which I plan to be a part of for the rest of my life.” 

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