Robert College prepares students to be leaders in their community and nation, committed to making a contribution to society.

Students are given a strong voice in the decision-making of the school. They are empowered to articulate personal beliefs with conviction, purpose, and respect, while also cultivating the ability to examine rigorously the viewpoints of others. Within and beyond the school’s walls, students are encouraged to be responsible change-makers. Through academic and co-curricular activities, students develop the skills, aptitudes, and maturity needed to thrive and lead in any area of their choosing.

The Student Council and Berker Fellows are two such leadership groups. Community involvement projects are often student-initiated and run. MUN (Model United Nations), EYP (European Youth Parliament), and Junior Achievement all give students a sense of global leadership. Students are encouraged to question and take a stance for what is right when needed whether in the classroom or on a sports field. Leadership skills, like being a team-player, are an important part of the spirit of co-operation.

RC 20, Graduate

In addition to offering incredible possibilities in science, art, and sport, RC provides its students with a much more meaningful but less noticeable benefit: social capital and a community that allows students to develop. I think RC's most important benefit for the students is the environment of the school: students can research, analyze, criticize, discuss and question - as a result, they gain a culture of acceptance, consensus and analysis. RC develops leaders with vision and broad horizons. Social relationships have become more important today than ever before, and thanks to the social skills of the RC community, RC graduates are able to use their talents, see the future and expand their social networks.

Robotics Team Explores Inequality in STEM

The RC Robotics team hosted the In//equality in STEM conference and design thinking workshop.

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