Residential Life

The residential life program at Robert College is designed for its students to develop socially, psychologically and academically in a safe and peaceful way. To this end, we work on building a community which is based on honesty, mutual respect, responsibility, positive interactions and collaboration, where young men and women are sensitive to and respect the rights, needs and property of others. During the years that they spend in RC’s residences, students develop their sharing, responsibility, problem-solving and conflict resolution skills. They acquire the skills to be able to make decisions for themselves, and they learn to distinguish between right and wrong.

To support the students' social and cultural development along with their academics, various activities like trips to exhibitions and theaters are organized on weekends and weekdays. We have a weekend program for residential Prep students, to introduce them to the city. The convenient location of the school, between Ulus and Arnavutköy, allows students to access facilities in the neighborhood.  

The residences have 24/7 security. The entrances are equipped with identity card readers. Each residence has a Residential Head, an Assistant Head and residential advisors - four full-time in the boys’ residence and three full-time, one part-time in the girls’ residence - who are mostly former residential RC students who are currently attending university. In addition, the Dean of Student Affairs supervises the residential team. The residential staff on duty can be reached at any hour, seven days a week, when the residences are open. The Health Center, open 24/7, is staffed with a doctor during work hours on weekdays, and paramedics and nurses at all times. At the campus entrance and exit there are security checks and a camera monitoring system. 

The parents of residential students can communicate with the school at any time. Each Friday, parents are sent a bulletin that includes a weekly newsletter, photos and the cafeteria menu. Parents who need information can always contact the residential heads or the Dean of Student Affairs.

11th grader

“Residential life here is like creating an enjoyable life with friends. It’s like we’re starting a new life with new people. Living at RC is the best thing ever because we get to be with friends all the time, and everyone is helping each other.”

2020-2021 Academic Year Residential Students by Province
Hüsnü Özyeğin Girls’ Residence

There are 90 students staying in the Girls’ Residence.

Boys’ Residence

There are 97 students staying in the Boys’ Residence.

The Robert College residences are home to 90 girls and 97 boys from all over Turkey.
A Safe Campus

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Student Support Services

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Residential Program

Read more about the Robert College Residential Program in our Residential Life Handbook.

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