At Robert College, we offer students a campus life that is as enjoyable, healthy and safe as it is educational. The emotional support of our students is also a priority, as the years spent at this school have a great impact on their personal growth, at a time when they are taking steps towards adulthood.

From the residences and sports fields, to the arts studio, outdoor classes and other common areas, our campus offers many opportunities for students to support their development and strengthen their friendships. The residences offer a safe and warm environment like home to our residential students, who make up about 20% of the student body. Here they develop unforgettable friendships that become stronger over the years. Activities at Robert College are endless: over 100 clubs and teams provide opportunities for students to discover new areas of interest and to develop their skills.    


Su Doğa
RC 20, Graduate

"Before coming to RC, if I were interested in something, I thought I would have to wait until college to be good at it. At RC, however, we have learned that we can develop regardless of our age and that we can be at least as effective as a professional. Now when I go to ask questions about subjects like art, history, economics, mathematics, chemistry and biology, I have plenty of friends who will give me answers that I don't doubt the accuracy of. Apart from being a student, we are becoming full individuals with different interests, both through a variety of clubs and through personal efforts."

18% of students are residential students
More than 100 student activities and clubs
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