The Robert College five-year high school academic program is unique in Turkey. It was originally approved by the Turkish Ministry of National Education in 1998, and has been updated and re-approved several times. It aims to meet the needs of students who plan to attend university, either abroad or in Turkey. 

The Robert College course distribution chart, which indicates the courses that are required at each level, was last approved by the Turkish Ministry of Education in August 2017. 

The program’s elective system in Lise 10, 11, and 12 allows students to choose a total of 10 courses during their final three years— one course in Lise 10, four courses in Lise 11, and five courses in Lise 12. This allows students to choose elective courses that will most support their future university and career plans. Almost all of the electives offered by the school were created by Robert College teachers and approved by the Ministry of Education. 

Robert College’s strong curriculum helps prepare students in the best way possible to continue their studies at university in Turkey and abroad. Students who graduate from Robert College will have critical and analytical thinking abilities and problem-solving skills that will help them to be successful in higher education environments. Our school’s curriculum, includes comprehensive courses in the fields of art, social sciences, mathematics and science, supported by environments for advanced research and discussion. In addition to the required core courses in the Turkish national high school curriculum, Robert College also has a rich curriculum of elective courses similar to those which are offered at university prep schools in the US. 

At Robert College, all students complete an initial year of English Prep, regardless of their incoming level of English. During this compulsory year, a large part of the weekly schedule is devoted to English language and literature, and there is an emphasis on preparing students to study additional subjects in English. Mathematics, science, computer science, art and music are taught in English. Social sciences and Turkish language and literature classes are taught in Turkish. Students also learn French or German as a second foreign language.

Cyrus Carter
English Teacher

"Students come to Robert College equipped with curiosity and passion and it is a joy to keep evolving as a teacher to meet this spirit. Everyone here needs to be at the top of their game. I love it."

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