Message from the Head of School

Welcome to one of the world’s great schools.

Founded in 1863, Robert College is the oldest American school outside of the United States. Tradition, especially in striving for excellence, is an essential part of who we are. Yet today’s Robert College is forward-looking and forward-thinking too. We value innovation as much as classicism, and this is reflected in our curriculum and our teaching, which blend the very best of Turkish, American and international approaches. Our students go on to study at the world’s best universities in great numbers. The RC education provides superb academic outcomes – but we are about more than academic excellence alone.

At the heart of who we are sit five Core Values: Leadership, Excellence, Balance, Responsibility, and Multiculturalism. Our educational philosophy is built on these pillars, and they exemplify the qualities we expect of our students and witness in our graduates. A Robert College education does much more than teach people what they want to be in life; we help them discover who they want to be. At RC, we care about individuals, value everyone’s interests, and always look to stimulate creativity and passion. This is why our alumni community includes leaders in every field around the world.

Our beautiful buildings and wonderful grounds might suggest that Robert College is only for a privileged few. That is incorrect. Every student here earns their place through succeeding in the demanding Turkish national entrance exam. Typically, more than a million students in Turkey take this test, with only the very best being admitted. We are a meritocracy, humble in the opportunity we have been given, proud to be characterized by excellence and aspiration, and motivated to use our talents to better the wider world. 

RC proudly admits students from all backgrounds and all parts of Turkey. We believe in tolerance and diversity, and are proud that 26% of our students benefit from our significant need-based scholarship program, which enables students from all social backgrounds to come together regardless of their origins, united by their academic excellence and driven by their aspirations.

My vision of Robert College centers on connection. Not just to technology, which is sometimes overly prevalent in the modern world, but to ourselves, to other people, and to the natural world. These are the relationships wherein true happiness and true success in life can be found. These are the connections I see daily, between our students and their amazing teachers and support staff, with the natural world, and with themselves through the many reflective experiences our teaching provides. I think it is why I see so much laughter at RC, despite the challenges of a demanding academic workload.

We hope that our website gives you a small taste of this incredible school. If you have questions that exploring it does not answer, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

With warmest regards,

Adam Oliver

Head of School

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