The roots of Robert College, dating back to the school’s foundation in 1863, sprout new life every year with each entering class. Like the strength of the ivy and wisteria vines which encircle our great columns, each new student adds to our community of learners.

The ethos of Robert College today remains faithful to that of Robert College in the 19th century; we espouse a humanistic education of excellence that does not discriminate. Our founder, Cyrus Hamlin, set the basis upon which this institution was created: “I was to labor, as far as possible, for all its peoples, without distinction of race, language, color, or faith." The Robert College of today strives to maintain the ideals of inclusivity and responsibility. As a school, we stand strongly with many generations of graduates characterized by an enduring will to be better and to do better, and in doing so, to better serve others. Resilience and integrity characterize the steadfast core that binds us all together. We honor our past and carry it proudly into the future.

10th grader

At RC, although importance is given to academic life by valuing traditional teaching techniques, students are not far away from extracurricular activities. Our school has a free thinking environment and every idea is respected; students learn continuously and willingly. RC students know the value of their mistakes as well as their success, and even if they face difficulties, they find the courage to proceed on the road to success. The opportunities RC provides students are a life experience beyond academic support. The lessons that students learn in the RC environment are the values that will enable our society to progress in the future.

1042 students from 56 cities around Turkey
More than 100 student clubs
Over 500 Community Service Projects
We respect our past, and proudly carry it to the future.
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