There are over 100 co-curricular activities in Robert College that enable student to develop their many areas of interest, from art to sports, from technology to writing. Through these activities, students discover new interests and strengthen their skills. 

Through our clubs, students develop social awareness, technical knowledge and life skills. They enrich their education by working in interesting and educational areas such as community service, environment, art, music, festival and adventure trips, robotics, philosophy and sports. 

Students interested in writing and storytelling have the opportunity to research and express themselves in our school’s publications: Martı, Bosphorus Chronicle, Köprü and Tarih. They gain many skills in Turkish and English through stage performances, dance, stage make-up, acting to playwriting. 

Through these activities, our students achieve great success while representing our school in Turkey and abroad. The students who participated as five teams in the World Scholar’s Cup in Barcelona won 63 medals and successfully represented our school at the Tournament of Champions at Yale University. The girls volleyball team placed first in their group in Turkey semi-finals. Our robotics team, which has been successful in many competitions with the robot they developed, will go to Houston, Texas this year to attend the FIRST Championship.

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