Statement of Purpose

Since its founding in 1863, Robert College has strived to be a symbol for educational excellence in Turkey. Its innovative, dynamic curriculum ensures its graduates possess the skills, talents, and resolve to serve as leaders and contributing citizens in a wide range of social, scientific, political, commercial, educational, and cultural roles, both nationally and internationally.

To achieve this level of distinction, Robert College has created an academic program that empowers talented, highly motivated high school students, from a wide range of diverse backgrounds from all of Turkey, to pursue excellence in all academic fields, while achieving dual mastery of English and Turkish at university level proficiency. The College cultivates within each individual student the ability to examine rigorously a variety of perspectives and viewpoints, and to articulate personal beliefs with conviction, purpose and respect. These skills ensure that graduates leave Robert College with a broad, nuanced global outlook.

Within and beyond the classroom, Robert College faculty works diligently with students to promote empathy, integrity and agency, and to ensure that all students recognize that democratic freedom demands responsibility, respect for others, and a dedication to service. Through academic and co-curricular activities, students develop the skills, aptitudes, and maturity in order to thrive and lead in any area of their choosing.

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