Rich and Balanced Curriculum

Robert College offers a curriculum balanced between science, humanities, and co-curricular activities.

The importance our school gives to individual differences is reflected in the more than 100 student-led co-curricular clubs offered each year. The fast-paced school year includes stage plays, concerts, Pi Week, Poetry Week, electronics displays, Teacher Knows Talks, RC TEDx, MUN conferences, Turkish Literature Symposium, RC Singers performance, math competitions, lunchtime literary readings and musical concerts. On any given day, there are several activities that capture the cultural and intellectual interests of all school members.

12th grader

We have big dreams and great goals as RC students. Each of us want to achieve high scores and be accepted to one of the best universities in the world, so there is competition between us. However, we learn that success does not mean anything without co-curricular activities. Lessons play a very important role in our lives, but events like clubs and Student Council activities make us unique at RC.

As our music teacher and Level Dean Koray Demirkapı says, ‘Clubs are the heart of this school.’ Clubs enable us to explore and progress as human beings in all aspects; they lead us to think about something other than our grades, classes and future concerns. We come together with new people who have different interests, have a great time together and expand our perspectives. Students have the opportunity to socialize during the activities organized by the Student Council and at other occasions, and they learn about the world, not just RC. Through class trips, students improve their cultural knowledge and community consciousness is developed.

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