Student-Focused Learning

We are a student-focused school that empowers students to go where their minds will take them. Academically we offer a rigorous university-preparatory program designed to give students an exceptional foundation in mathematics, the natural sciences, the humanities, technology, and the arts. The school’s culture engenders rigorous standards of academic excellence, yet with an emphasis on creativity, innovation, risk-taking, and entrepreneurship. The faculty continually refine the curriculum to ensure that students are developing the necessary analytical and critical thinking skills. We are constantly striving to be better. Students and faculty are expected to embrace a global point of view while also remaining confident in the conviction of their own voice. The school has developed a unique educational program reflecting its American and Turkish roots. Offering equal opportunities and standards of education for high school aged male and female students is of primary importance to the school.

11th grader

One of the terrific aspects of Robert College is the respect that teachers show through different learning styles. Our teachers encourage all students in class to ask as many questions as possible, and to meet with them after class if we need additional support. We are guided to discuss topics, play games, go out and do research and use the information in the real world without being under the pressure of tests. RC brings together the most successful people in the field of education, and gives them an education like they have never experienced before.

As students, the difficult part about class is that we are expected to be successful. We have to do group projects, resolve conflicts within groups, and create a common output. Technology is also well-used at RC, and is integrated into every lesson. We are encouraged to do our research by ourselves, to work in collaboration with our classmates online and to successfully adapt to today's world. We all have a say in class. We share our own ideas, we develop through the ideas of our classmates, thus creating a respectful and united environment in which everyone is encouraged to share and learn.


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