We are a unique school built on the strength of a residential school philosophy in a largely day school setting. At Robert College we ensure that:  

·   students feel a sense of ownership and belonging

·   students are known and cared for as unique individuals

·   faculty and staff go beyond in loco parentis responsibilities and develop healthy relationships with students that extend beyond the classroom with the aim of nurturing capable, caring, and engaged adults  

The Robert College campus operates as a hub of connections to the wider Robert College community. Robert College brings multiple generations of the Robert College community together to build stronger ties among each other. Such connections include sharing time at meals, in the evenings, and on weekends in both formal and informal settings.

The adult members of the Robert College community model integrity and demonstrate that freedom implies responsibility to respect the needs and rights of others. 

Robert College students learn democratic values and practices through: 

·   engagement with their peers and the wider Robert College community

·   exercising civic/community rights

·   acknowledging that with rights come accountability and responsibility  

Robert College engages in competitive activities to foster the virtues of teamwork, sportsmanship, skill development, personal insight, and perseverance.  

Robert College celebrates and promotes healthy competitiveness as part of its character and values curriculum.  

Robert College is proactive in promoting the emotional and mental health of its community members, students and adults.

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