Nilhan Çetinyamaç

Turkish Director

Nilhan Çetinyamaç is the Turkish Director and Associate Head of Robert College, with the experience of thirty-two years in her career. She joined Robert College in 2015, after her administrative role for eighteen years at İzmir SEV Schools. She was the founder principal and the education leader who led various education programs and projects, IT integration and community service to enhance learning environment in a multicultural community. In addition to her school duties, she serves at the High School and Exam Commissions of Turkey Private Schools Association.

She is a graduate of American Collegiate Institute and received her BA in English Language and Literature at Ege University. She has completed national and international certificate programs on education and administration. She was granted PTC International Principal Certificate. She has led CIS accreditation teams and accreditation process.

She enjoys reading books and discussing them with her friends at the book club. She loves travelling to see different cultures and places. She has two sons and enjoys spending time with her family, together with her pet cat and turtle.

“I am proud to be the member of RC Community and having the opportunity of working with a group of young people with the skills, knowledge and motivation to function as leaders and contributing citizens in a social and cultural role, both locally and globally”. 
Nilhan Çetinyamaç
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