Senior Leadership Team

Nilhan Çetinyamaç

Turkish Director & Associate Head of School

Nilhan Çetinyamaç is the Turkish Director and Associate Head of Robert College. She has been working in education for 32 years, and in leadership roles in education for the past 22 years.  

Ms. Çetinyamaç joined Robert College in 2015, after 18 years at İzmir SEV Schools, where she was the founding principal. As an administrator, she led various education programs and projects, IT integration and community service to enhance the learning environment in a multicultural community. In addition to her school duties, she serves on the High School and Exam Commissions of the Turkey Private Schools Association.

She is a graduate of the American Collegiate Institute in Izmir and received her BA in English Language and Literature from Ege University. She has completed national and international certificate programs in education and administration, and has received the International Principal Certificate from Principal Training Center (PTC). She has led the Council of International Schools accreditation process and accreditation teams and plays an active role in Robert College’s NYSAIS accreditation process.

Among her favorite pastimes, Ms. Çetinyamaç enjoys reading books and learning about different cultures and places through travel. She has two sons and enjoys spending time with family and friends, as well as her pet cat and turtle.

“I am proud to be the member of RC Community and fortunate to have the opportunity to work with a group of young people with the skills, knowledge and motivation to function as leaders and contributing citizens in a social and cultural role, both locally and globally”. 
Nilhan Çetinyamaç
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