Turkish College Counseling

The Turkish University Counseling Office works with all grade levels according to their needs, with the aim of helping our students make decisions, taking into consideration their individual characteristics and abilities. 

We assist students in choosing the appropriate electives for their career goals, and we offer advice about the factors to consider during the decision-making process to students and parents who have not yet decided about universities in Turkey and those abroad, or who hesitate to choose a career path. When needed, we collaborate with the parents and with the College Counseling Office.  

Regarding the admission process to universities in Turkey, we inform students and parents, as well as the school’s academic staff, about the changing testing systems, the impact of high school grades on the exam, and statistical facts.  

In 9th grade, we begin mainly with the choice of electives and general information about university admission, then we work more intensively with 10th and 11th grade students with the purpose of supporting them to discover their individual proficiency, areas of interest and abilities. Our activities with these levels include giving questionnaires on career choices; organizing events like our Career Day and Business World Observation Program that offer students a chance to meet with professionals and academics who are experts in their fields; university visits; get-togethers with alumni; and information about universities and undergraduate programs.    

We organize process evaluation meetings with 12th grade students and parents, with a focus on identifying and carrying out exam preparation strategies, performance follow-up, exam stress, and academic programs. 

As we recognize that the career journey is an ongoing process, we also provide information about undergraduate transfers between Turkish and international universities, switching between disciplines on the basis of admission score, double majors, minor degrees, etc. Our office provides assistance with application procedures, exam guidelines, rules and regulations, and counseling about program preferences.   

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