14th Annual Turkish Culture and Literature Symposium

The 14th annual Turkish Culture and Literature symposium, organized by RC's Turkish Literature and Language Department, took place on campus on Saturday, March 2. This year's theme was Literary Magazines. The opening speech was delivered by Prof. Dr. Handan İnci, Rector of Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University. The guest speakers during the morning session, titled "The Editors' Panel", were Mehmet Erte (Varlık), Semih Gümüş (Notos), Murat Yalçın (Kitap-lık), Turgay Fişekçi (Sözcükler) and Ali Ayçil (Dergâh). The afternoon session was titled "Changing Magazines, Changing Readers", and the guest speakers were Ahmet Mümtaz Taylan, Dündar Hızal and Mustafa Köz.   

The department teachers said: "It was an honor and a pleasure for us to host them all together at Robert College. Following their talks, our guest speakers answered the questions of the audience." 

The Turkish Culture and Literature Symposium is organized each year by RC's Turkish Language and Literature Department, with discussions by well-known professionals in the field of the chosen theme.

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