Seniors Staged a Classic: "The Bald Soprano"

RC Theater Company Seniors put on an energized, devilish performance of Eugene Ionesco’s The Bald Soprano on February 20 and 21 in Bingham 1. In The Bald Soprano, first performed in 1950, Ionesco played with topics ranging from language imprecision and memory to classism and conformity. The play can be especially challenging for actors as it is chock full of non sequiturs, circumlocution and ultimately nonsensical language. Lines rarely have a clear motivation behind them and characters often behave unpredictably.

Audiences especially loved the odd exchange between the characters Mr. Martin and Mrs. Martin, a husband and wife who don’t recognize each other at first but through an exhaustingly long deductive process, realize they are married. The refractory maid, Mary and her taunting of the chauvinistic and entirely incapable Mr. Smith and his repressed wife, Mrs. Smith brought welcome discomfort to the play whenever it seemed like things might get "normal". Especially off kilter and riotous was a segment where the fireman told stories, including an "experimental fable" where the fireman barked out sounds randomly. Overall, the cast was lauded for its timing, physical expressiveness and explosive finish.

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