Demirkan Aşetey Art Award

The winners of the 19th Annual Demirkan Aşetey RC 76 Art Competition were announced online on Wednesday April 29.

Of the nearly 70 pieces submitted, 21 finalists were selected for the Demirkan Aşetey RC 76 Art Competition. Joining the judging panel this year were artists Bora Fer RC 03 L12, Sibel Horada RC 98, and Bihter Yasemin Adalı RC 02.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, this year’s competition was held completely online. The winners were announced via video conference in the virtual presence of contestants, alumni from the Class of ’76, the RC Art Department and RC faculty and staff. The first prize went to a Lise 11 student for his photobook, “Some People and Some Other Stuff”. A Lise 12 student received second prize for his work “Abstract”. A L9 student came in third with her piece “The World Moves on a Woman’s Hips”. Since people weren’t able to gather in the Suna Kıraç Foyer to view the works, a digital exhibition catalog was prepared.

A very special thanks to RC 76 for their 19 years of continued support of student artists at Robert College, through this event in memory of Demirkan Aşetey.

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