11th Annual Excellence in Science Award

The 11th annual Professor Seyhan Nurettin Eğe ACG 49 Excellence in Science Award was presented on April 6, 2020 during Community Time. The award is given each year to a female Lise 11 student who shows outstanding dedication to the sciences. Video messages congratulating this year's recipient on her award were sent by Güneş Eğe Akter ACG 52, who established the award in her sister’s name, and Head of School Adam Oliver.

The Excellence in Science award recognizes excellence in science while honoring the memory of Prof. Seyhan Eğe ACG 49, who was an educator of organic chemistry, as well as author on the same subject. It was founded by her sister Dr. Güneş Eğe Akter ACG 52, in 2009 and is presented to a Lise 11 female student every year.

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