JARC Organizes Mensis

The RC Junior Achievement Club (JARC) organized an online summit Mensis on April 26, 2020. The program included seven speakers and two workshops. The participants enjoyed the speeches of the influential speakers from civil society, academia and the business world - Aslı Pasinli, Burak Küntay, Reha Abi, Doğa Can Coşar, Mehmet İnhan, Ahmet Onur, and Gülşah Güray - as well as engaging workshops with Mert Serim and Reflect Studio.

JARC was set to hold the summit on campus on March 14. However, three days before the event they learned they needed to change their plans due to the closure of campus. At first disappointed, they then saw the quarantine as an opportunity to have Mensis online. The event turned into an experience for all of the club members where, in their own words, “for the first time, we had to deal with a crisis and make an online event which had different aspects and different difficulties.”

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