RC Hosts Youth and Entrepreneur Summit

The third annual Junior Achievement of Robert College (JARC) Youth and Entrepreneurship Summit was held at Robert College on March 10, 2019. Over 500 participants from nine different cities in Turkey filled the Suna Kıraç Theatre.

JARC's mission is to help their peers succeed in life regardless of their areas of interest. The Youth and Entrepreneurship Summit  hosted dozens of expert speakers from a variety of backgrounds including economists, musicians, producers, athletes, entrepreneurs, journalists, Youtubers, chefs, actors and angel investors. Among the speakers were Hakan Baş (CEO of, Oğuzhan Aygören (Boğaziçi University Assistant Professor on International Trade), Işıl Akdemir Evlioğlu (Garanti Payment Systems General Manager), Özlem Gürses (Journalist), Ata Uzunhasan (Galata Business Angels Managing Director).

With hundreds of participants, JARC's Youth and Entrepreneurship Summit is the largest summit held by high school students. The event allows its participants to meet and chat with exclusive speakers, get counselin and advice from the speakers who are experts in their fields, and broaden their visions. Through the networking and ice-breaking activities, participants had the chance to expand their circles.

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