RC Speaks Up for the Anti-bullying Week

RC organized the “Anti-Bullying Week” starting on November 30, 2020, Monday. The events were themed #RCUpstanders encouraging everybody to speak up when faced with bullying.

Stemming from the “Anti-Bullying Policy”, an annual event is started, focused on raising awareness about bullying as is customary around the world usually during the month of November. 

On Monday “Odd Socks Day” was organized where RC community members shared the pictures of their colorful socks which were shared through RC’s official Instagram account with the hashtag #RCUpstanders in order to celebrate diversity. A poster competition and a short film competition took place ran by the School Spirit Initiative, RC Film Academy and RC Film Crew Initiative. Head of Counseling Erkan Uğuzalp visited all grades at their assemblies to provide training on bullying dynamics and to point out some specific dynamics regarding RC’s vulnerabilities. The anti-bullying policy was introduced as well. Counsellors Selin Şen and Pınar Keskiner went live on RC’s Instagram on Thursday elaborating on bullying and upstanders against it. Faculty got online trainings from an online learning service and RC’s library put together an informative web page for the whole community and curated bullying themed books. RC Players with the support of Mr. Becker created a 2 min sketch to raise awareness which we used in counseling classes and during assemblies.

All through the week bullying was an agenda item for all the members of the RC community, creating a safe environment to raise concerns and discuss the topics around the issue.

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