RC Theatre Company Stages "Game"

​On December 20 and 21, RC Theatre Company performed Game, by British playwright Mike Bartlett in which a major city is suffering through a housing crisis. Recently married Ashley and Carly, played by L10 students Tarik Ulubaş and İrem Özsavaşcı, find a house well-removed from the city. The house is rent-free, but there is a different cost. Nearby in the woods, there is a Hide, where wealthy, bored customers come and pay to take shots at Ashley and Carley with a tranquillizer gun. David, played by Can Görgün L10, is a former sniper in the British Royal Army who assists the customers, but gets progressively torn apart by the frivolous, hard society he has to serve.

The play and performance examined how far we are willing to go to have a roof over our heads and food on our plate, as well as our need to be entertained and our habit of distancing ourselves from reality. Along with standout individual performances by the horrific customers in the Hide, Görgün, Özsavaşcı and Ulubaş all performed their realistic roles with a mix of subtlety and power that shifted the unsettling performance between spots of dark comedy and heartbreak.

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