Robert College's World Theater Day Celebration

On March 28, 2024, Robert College hosted an unforgettable evening celebrating World Theater Day. Turkish theater legends returned to their alma mater to pay homage to their beloved teacher, Dorothy İz. Alumni gathered for a joyous reunion, reminiscing on cherished memories while honoring Mrs. İz's legacy.

The highlight of the evening was the premiere of the documentary "Robert College Theater & Dorothy İz: Leaving Their Mark," directed and produced by Serra Mansur Soysal, RC 83. This captivating film showcases Mrs. İz's profound influence on Robert College through exclusive interviews and archival footage, offering a glimpse into the rich history of theater at the institution.

Nedim Saban, RC 86, took center stage as the master of ceremonies, skillfully infusing every moment with laughter and emotion, setting the perfect tone for an evening filled with joy and cherished memories. Meanwhile, keynote speaker Nevra Serezli, ACG 65, delivered a moving speech, eloquently highlighting the profound impact of Mrs. İz's contributions to Turkish theater.

It was a night filled with nostalgia, camaraderie, and appreciation for the enduring impact of Dorothy İz and the vibrant theater tradition she helped cultivate at Robert College.

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