Robotics Team Prepares for the Bosphorus Regional

Robotics Team competed in the “Pendik Off-Season Robotics Competition” between 22-24 October to prepare for the upcoming season and gain more experience. There were 30 teams in total. While some of them are school teams, a number of others are formed independently.

After a year of virtual FRC, the participants were extremely happy to return to the field. They had so much fun and gained experience for the official competition in March, which is the Bosphorus Regional.

Buse, the Vice-Captain of ARC 6014, underlines the importance of these competition and states, “Our mechatronics and programming team collaborated to build our robot, which taught them important knowledge in every single step of robot building. A year of break from the field was challenging as our new members did not get the chance to experience the physical robot building process last year; however, this off-season competition offered our team a great chance to put their knowledge into practice.”

Currently, the goal of the team is to get prepared for the Bosphorus Regional. The next step ahead before the regional is the Kick-Off event in January, where the theme and tasks for the next season will be announced. Afterwards, they will start designing their new robot from scratch and proceed with building it while also conducting new community involvement and outreach projects. Buse says, “We have already started to brainstorm ideas about how we are going to communicate our projects to the judges and in what ways we will extend our effect on our audience.”

The team had, prior to this competition, organized their own, the FRC 2021 Online Off-Season. They were able to host 10 teams and 12 judges on online platforms, allowing the participants to prepare for the regionals.

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