Seyhan Nurettin Eğe ACG 49 Excellence in Science Award for Girls 2024

The Robert College community gathered at the Flag Ceremony on March 29, 2024, to honor dedication to the sciences through the presentation of the annual Prof. Seyhan Nurettin Eğe ACG 49 Excellence in Science Award for Girls. Established in 2009 by Güneş Eğe Akter ACG 52 in honor of her sister, Prof. Seyhan Eğe, this prestigious award recognizes outstanding female Lise 11 students who demonstrate exceptional commitment to scientific inquiry and discovery.

This year's ceremony was honored to welcome esteemed guest speaker Çiğdem Yazıcıoğlu, whose insightful address enriched the event. Following her inspiring speech, Patricia Deo, the Head of the Science Department, announced the winner, Tülin Ada S, from L11, and invited her to the stage to receive the award from Çiğdem Yazıcıoğlu.

Tülin Ada S., recognized for her dedication to scientific pursuits, joined her parents, members of the Science Department, and last year's recipient in the foyer of Feyyaz Berker Hall. There, her name plaque joined the roster of past winners, symbolizing her place among Robert College's brightest minds in science.

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