Discussing the Safety of Digital Data

TEDxRC organized an event in collaboration with Sainte Pulchérie and Kabataş Erkek Highschools on April 24th. Digital Data is chosen as the theme of the event. Boğaç Kanık, the Deputy Head of Information Risk Management at AKBANK; Devrim Zımba, the IT Management and Business Intelligence Group Manager at AVIVASA; and Dr. Çiğdem Ayözger Öngün, the Founder Manager Lawyer of SRP Legal gave inspirational speeches. The summit was broadcasted live on YouTube.  Topics such as the history of digital security, the possibility of processing data ethically, and making a difference in the age of information economy were discussed. The event provided an environment for the participiants to think on one of the most significant social issues of our age: Digital Data! 

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