Tune in to “Upcycling Everywhere!”

RC Environmental Movement Upcycling Initiative is organizing a limited mini-series called “Upcycling Everywhere!” and hosting guests who are experts in upcycling. The goal of the initiative is to bring RC Community with people who has incorporated upcycling into their lives. They would like to introduce upcycling concepts and show that it has a broad range of applications either as a hobby or a profession. 

In the first episode of “Upcycling Everywhere!”, Çöpçüler TV was the guest. Upcoming episodes will be carried out in a different format: They will be recorded in advance to share with RC Community so that anyone can have access to it in anywhere in any time.  

For the second episode, Ali Semiz, an interior designer who uses upcycling to create amazing designs, was hosted. For the third episode, MUMO Wrap, a company that produces beeswax wrap as an alternative to disposable plastics, will be hosted.  

For more updates, please follow their Instagram account:

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