Film by Buket Yıldız RC 06 Receives International Accolades


After finishing her MA in Film and Television at Bilgi University, Buket Yıldız co-wrote a short film called Tuesday, which was an official selection at Cannes and Sundance film festivals. She followed it up with Wave, a short film she wrote and directed about a one-day getaway of a white-collar city woman to a village by the Aegean. This single day tells the viewer of a yearning for liberation, away from all attachments and in the flow of the moment, but the day also leads to confrontations stemming from norms and boundaries of morality. The film has so far been recognized at several international festivals including Stockholm City Film Festival, Rome Independent Prisma Awards, Vancouver Independent Film Festival, Anatolian Short Film Festival, Barcelona Indie Filmmakers Festival and Boden International Film Festival.

Yıldız says she is currently focused on her marketing career, though she also has new script ideas: “My husband is an actor and a playwright, so he has been inspirational lately. We might end up doing a film together in the next few years.” Yıldız remembers her years at RC fondly: “At RC, I learnt how to think, and how to look beyond the obvious. RC also gave me the resources to try out my talents such as singing. The better I discovered my talents, the more confidence I gained, so I became willing to take risks to explore myself and the world around me in depth.”  

Published August 2021

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