Gökçe Güven RC 18 Explores How Brands Can Touch Consumers in Web3

“I see a world where every individual becomes a micro-creator in the future.”

Having worked with prominent names of Web3 such as OpenSea, Gökçe Güven recently founded

Could you tell us about your blockchain experience so far? 

In 2018, I understood this technology is going to change the world – creating financial and social access independent of local politics and economics. I have worked at various companies, trying to find solutions for the unbanked, building a DeFi (decentralized finance) app and building cryptowallets. For all these years, crypto was my “day job.” My night jobs were generative, machine learning art, design, fashion – everything arts and tech.

What did your work at Open Sea involve?

At some point, my arts community started merging with my crypto community.

I started advising my art and fashion friends, helping them mint NFTs and working closely with the OpenSea team giving insights and feedback. Soon I joined OpenSea, shaping creator flows, consumer experiences, and a Christie’s partnership, as well as advising and launching anonymous and consumer collections. I started the User Research arm in OpenSea, to harness insights to hypothesize what is next in NFTs. I interviewed brands and creators like Gucci, Weeknd and Christie's, as well as consumers ranging from power users to anonymous Bored Ape and CryptoPunks owners or first-time NFT minters.

Where do you envision blockchain and NFT going? 

With my experience at OpenSea, I recognized that the scalability of engagement is a problem. After a peak on-chain activity of minting for every brand and collection, the wallets that just formed a community would turn to ghost wallets when minting is done. Brands will be asked, “What’s next? Should we launch a new collection?,” and consumers will ask, “What’s next? Am I left behind?”

Brands want to acquire and retain customers; however, current tools take the ownership of the community away from the brand. Brands want to have a direct relationship with the community, and top fans and consumers want access, recognition, and status. With current tooling, this is not scalable, segmented, or customized.

I see a world where every individual becomes a micro-creator in the future powered by blockchain where we engage our community with on-chain incentives and authentic connections that are decentralized. The next bull run will be about on-chain social powered by social tokens, NFTs, and metaverse experiences, and at we are bridging the gap between Web2 consumer brands and Web3 tooling to touch consumers in a meaningful way.

Published July 2022

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