Hale Güngör Oppenheimer RC 00

“If you have a genuine interest in art, it comes with a kind of thirst that drives you.”

Residing in Stockholm since 2010, Hale Güngör Oppenheimer creates mixed media work and installations.

 Hale Güngör Oppenheimer RC 00

Why are you interested in domesticity and in-between spaces in your work?

Having constantly moved from one country to another starting at four years old, I found that I could create some kind of stability and an alternative home through my works quite early on. The in-between spaces and imaginary landscapes I create through my works are a fruit of my relocations. These relocations have always been voluntary moves, and I, in fact, feed from being neither here nor there. 

How has RC influenced you in your art?

I remember art classes with Gül Ilgaz very clearly. She has supported me since the beginning of my career, and it was thanks to her that I discovered I had a passion for art. To this day, we are in touch and follow each other's projects and exhibitions and even managed to have a coffee together here in Stockholm last year. The last few years at RC played a very crucial role in me choosing the path I chose and immersing myself more into the creative world. If it hadn't been for the art studio, photo lab and library I had access to at RC, who knows if I would have had a chance to feed my artistic curiosity and choose art as my profession.

Lineup II, 2020

Published February 2021

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