Haluk Özenç RC 88 Stayed With RC Theater Beyond Graduation

“This is not an easy career, but I am smitten.”

Haluk Özenç is an artist of many talents, and predominantly a screenwriter. He will soon be seen in a new digital series as both screenwriter and actor. He is also starring in Ray Cooney’s 2 in 1.

How has RC influenced your career?

RC gave importance to art, as well as academics, perhaps the only school to do so. Bilgi Haner, Mehmet Uysal and Mrs. İz always pushed me towards the stage. I acted in both Turkish and English plays. I spent my time in plays more than in classes. In 1990, I came back to RC as advisor to the Theater Club. In 1994-1997 I was the Turkish Theater Director. I believe I have the record in terms of the number of plays I was involved in, before and after graduation. This is not an easy career, but I am smitten.

Which performances stand out?

Ölen Hangisi (Who Died) in Turkish theater; we had a great cast. In English, Sarcophagus, a play about the Chernobyl disaster. After graduation, we staged Lorca’s Blood Wedding as a musical and did the music with Kadir Şan Tarhan and Erdem Helvacıoğlu RC 94. Our production of Lüküs Hayat made waves and was attended by State Theater players. One of my own plays, Şebek, had a 40-minute video projection: We innovated a lot! Finally, the Suna Kıraç Hall launch: I lent it technical support and helped turn it into the unforgettable night that it was. 

Published January 2023

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