Jan Nahum RA 67 Believes Electric Vehicles Are the Future

“Nobody involved in the industry can be immune to the EV revolution.”

Over the past five decades, Jan Nahum has been at the forefront of automotive design and production. As the co-founder of Hexagon Studio, an R&D, design, engineering and consultancy company specialized in the automotive field, he and his company are pioneering electric vehicles in Turkey. Nahum offers RCQ readers a glimpse into the future.

Jan Nahum RA 67

“Electric Vehicles (EV) have been around for decades with controversial reviews particularly as to their impact on the environment. Instead of hydrocarbon fuel tanks, these vehicles rely on batteries which need recharging. The power recharging draws from the grid needs to be supplied to the grid and transported (energy consumption itself) to charging outlets. The source of this energy needs to be clean and renewable in order to maximize the positive contribution of EVs. If the increase in the need for power were to increase production of plants burning dirty coal as opposed to clean coal or clean energy alternatives, then the overall impact would be harmful. Now, finally these issues have been overcome through advances in battery, motor and control technologies and an overall systems approach to the supply of power. EVs are the future, and major auto brands have ambitious deadlines for switching completely to EV production by 2030-2035.  

“Turkey is a major global auto producer and an important EU supplier. Turkey will profit through this global industry transformation and can catch up with worldwide competition by introducing its local brand. While the technology level of vehicles produced will be at par with worldwide competition, the challenge will be building a recognized brand which will take time and necessitate a Blue Ocean strategy. 

“Nobody involved in the industry can disregard, or be immune to the EV revolution. Having spent half a century in it neither could we; we are fully involved in our research center.”

Published August 2021

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