Onur Göker RC 93 Directs Sustainable Investments to Create Change

“Our environmental problems require a lot of innovative and cross disciplinary solutions.”

Having worked in the finance sector for many years, Onur Göker is now Managing Director at Cowen Sustainable Investments.

Onur Göker RC 93

Why sustainable investment?

We are now seeing a once-in-a-century type of disruption happening in the technologies available, as well as in the demand from younger generations for change. We may have a window to reverse some severe damage we have done, and I wanted to be part of that momentum.   

What type of areas are of particular interest to you? 

I focus on businesses that are disrupting the energy, transportation, industrial efficiency, food and agriculture sectors. We live in a world of hyper-specialty and we can create so much value by simply bringing in a cross-disciplinary approach. At different times in my life, I studied to be a doctor, an engineer, a linguist and a finance professional, and I failed at all of them! However, the journey gave me an appreciation for how different specialties can be used to innovate and solve problems in different situations. Our environmental problems require a lot of innovative and cross-disciplinary solutions.   

How has RC influenced you in your career path? 

RC's science education opened my eyes to connections across different fields and the challenges humanity faces. I am grateful to my RC teachers who unearthed my enthusiasm, which fueled me to explore unknown worlds with less fear. That fearless sense of exploration has shaped my career to date.

Published August 2021

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