Outdoor Adventure Learning Helps Students Connect with Nature

The new program give students new respect for the environment.

A key element to raising students who will protect and care for the environment is helping them connect with nature. With pervasive screen use, urban living and the heavy pace of academics, students have little opportunity to experience the natural world. To help them connect to nature, themselves and each other, a new outdoor adventure and environmental learning program has been created at RC.

“It is our responsibility to create a positive shift in school culture towards students becoming more active in environmental issues,” says Head of Adventure and Environmental Learning and PE teacher Kieran Pearson. “Current generations of students are becoming more and more separated from the natural world, and this situation must be reversed if young people are to have any chance of falling back in love with, and therefore preserving nature.”

Pearson interweaves his experience as a green beret into his lessons. “High challenge and working outside of your comfort zone, while at the same time learning lots of valuable skills, is the approach and philosophy of our program.”

The first student camping and activities trip took place in the fall. Students learned camp craft skills and took part in a challenging high ropes course, orienteering, a forest zip coaster and a night hike. As the year moves forward and the program develops, Pearson is planning trips to Uludağ mountain, treks on the Lycian Way and a multi-activity trip to Cappadocia, with each trip including high levels of adventure, challenge and reward.

Published January 2023

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