RCSummer and RCS Academy Programs Are Back!

This year kids ages 8-16 joined the RCSummer and RCS Academy programs in record numbers.

After a two-year hiatus, the RCSummer and RCS Academy programs returned, with a record number of participants. The theme for this year’s program was “In It Together” and kids aged 8-16 were excited to be able to join inspiring activities with friends again on campus. 

RCSummer hosted over 640 participants ages 8-14 over two sessions, with the 90 staff members making the program unique and active. Kids enjoyed the RC campus and special off-campus activities including a beach trip, a hiking trip, camp-outs and community exploration activities, while honing their English skills and living the values of the program: honesty, empathy for one another, sportsmanship and the caring of others and the environment. They also had the opportunity to gain many skills from over 100 activities that were offered by the counselors, in addition to various special events. Each session, 17 different sports were offered. Participants were introduced to new sports and had a chance to challenge themselves.

RCS Academy ran three two-week sessions for kids ages 12-16, with half- and full-day programs. The nearly 200 participants were able to practice their English as well as expand their interest in different areas covering technology, math, the humanities, art and drama. Ten courses were offered by RC faculty members and co-curricular advisers, which gave participants a head-start in a variety of fields. The courses included: A Gentle Introduction to Artificial Intelligence, Future Life : An Experience Based VR Journey, Cryptography: The Math of Secret Codes – HYB, Fine Arts 101, Drama Academy and Outdoor Leadership Training & Adventure.

Please check out for more information and next years’ programs.

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