Selin Gören RC 20 Shows That Youth Are Leading the Way

“Climate education doesn't end in the classroom, and it was really important to me that RC recognized that.”

Selin Gören became a climate activist during her time at RC and started the Fridays for Future movement in Turkey for high school students. She is now studying at Yale University.

Selin Gören RC 20

What are you studying at Yale, and why have you chosen this path?

I plan to major in biology to understand all the intricacies of the climate crisis. I'm interested in working on novel carbon-capturing technologies, sustainable energy plans and solutions to biodiversity loss. Whatever I end up doing after graduation, environmentalism and climate activism will be at the core of my work. 

What are some of your recommendations to RC students interested in the environmental movement?

The environmental movement is open to all talents and backgrounds. Being creative is a lot more beneficial for the movement than following the herd. My other recommendation would be exposure to opposing views regarding the climate crisis. Try to meet people where they are at, not where you are at. Small actions make all the difference if millions do them. Following ongoing initiatives and activist groups around the world is a perfect way to discover which aspect of climate justice interests you the most. 

Who supported you in this path in RC?

I started practicing permaculture at RC, an important catalyst of my climate journey. My geography teacher Necla Sönmezay made me realize how crucial learning earth sciences is at this moment in time. Mr. Oliver's support enabled me to balance my schoolwork with my activism. Climate education doesn't end in the classroom, and it was really important to me that RC recognized that. Ms. Oğuz introduced me to Ashoka Turkey, connecting me to social entrepreneurs. Ömer Madra RC 64 became an important mentor in my life. Nil Sarrafoğlu RC 89 is a big inspiration and one of my greatest supporters. 

Published in August 2021

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