Sertaç Yeltekin RC 87 Hosts News Program


Sertaç Yeltekin is a true global citizen. He studied in the United States, worked in banking and management consulting while raising a family in Italy, and has been in Singapore since 2017 working in asset management, venture building and advisory.

Sertaç Yeltekin RC 87

Yeltekin was approached in May 2020 to offer commentary on Asian markets by Ekotürk, Turkey’s first national channel focused solely on economic news. After a few months, Yeltekin suggested that the channel’s management host a news and commentary program titled Stüdyo Singapur, live from Singapore. 

The format is based on short chats with Turkish entrepreneurs, academics, businesspeople, and Turkish diplomats on themes that have relevance for Turkey and Asia. Yeltekin and his guests have discussed themes such as US-China tensions, China’s role in Southeast Asia, the vaccine economy, the blockchain revolution and the impact of the pandemic on women’s employment. İpek İlkkaracan RC 85, Ebru Debbağ RC 87 and Esat Şibay RC 87 have been among his guests. Yeltekin says, “A hobby became a full-fledged passion now that we reached the 17th edition of the program.” 

When asked about RC’s impact on his life, Yeltekin describes it as “indelible”:RC was not an easy place to fit in initially, but I had wonderful friendships and a few great teachers over the years. I am still surprised that we read in our classes Animal Farm, 1984 and One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest – all ‘subversive books’ for that period. One teacher that I think helped me, taught me and mentored me the most was Betsy Göksel. I am so grateful to her and to many people that I met in my RC years who helped me become who I am.”

Published February 2021

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