The residential halls at Robert College are home to 187 students; 97 boys and 90 girls.  

Students live together with other students of different ages. They are supported by residential heads and university-aged residential assistants. 

Because of the pandemic, temporary physical changes have been made to both residences to reduce the number of students sharing a room, and to prevent social gathering. Currently, lounges and communal silent study areas are not available, and the use of shared facilities is suspended. Everyone is to wear masks in the residence. Having an Istanbul guardian has always been a requirement, someone who a student can go to in an emergency, and this is even more essential during the pandemic. Anyone who tests positive with COVID-19 or who is in close contact with such an individual needs to leave the residence as soon as possible: since such individuals’ HES code prevents them from travelling home by bus, train or plane, they need an Istanbul guardian to take care of them while they are quarantined.

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