RC Focuses on Environmental Education

In line with Robert College’s focus on sustainability, the school has created an Environmental Education initiative and appointed two co-heads: biology teacher Dünya Önen RC L3 03 and physics teacher Stephen Holz. 

"The current Headmaster, Adam Oliver, is a very enthusiastic supporter of the idea that an education should not cost the Earth. Students must realize the impact that our actions have on the environment, and learn to be informed, positive stewards of the Earth,” says Stephen Holz. “Last year, a group of students and teachers started a formal club for the environment called the Robert College Educational Movement (RCEM). Mr. Oliver has created a new initiative for Environmental Education will look into green issues on campus and develop concrete solutions.”

Dünya Önen adds, “As an RC grad I have always felt very privileged to have been able to grow up surrounded by such a rich ecosystem on our campus. As a current faculty and now the co-head of Environmental Education, I am very excited to help connect our students to their ecosystem. We aim to inspire them to take action to understand the complex dynamics of the environmental challenges our planet is facing while empowering them with the tools to come up with creative solutions, starting here on our campus and moving beyond. No matter what career path our students may choose in their future, we want them to be eco-literate and active stewards of the Earth in their respective fields by showing and modelling to them the process of data-driven environmental decision-making them.”

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