Safe transport for students to and from school is a priority for Robert College. We select our partners through a detailed search process, and they are careful to provide dependable and high-quality services. The transport company uses well-maintained, comfortable and new vehicles. The buses and the drivers are regularly inspected for occupational health and safety, and compliance with the regulations.

Robert College provides students with a variety of healthy and nutritious food options. The ingredients are procured from reliable sources. Food samples are taken daily and kept 72 hours for analysis if needed. Periodical hygiene inspections are conducted under the supervision of a doctor. The school’s food committee, with the participation of the dietician, the food engineer and students, holds monthly meetings to review the nutritional value and the calories of the food, and also the preferences of the community. Our vegetarian students are offered a variety of highly nutritious alternatives, like legumes, vegetables, soup and salad. 

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