ART DOESN’T STOP: Photo Light Installation on RC’s Walls

Robert College transitioned into distance learning and the students’ lives have transformed greatly since COVID-19. The government restricted young people and children under 20 years old to go out of their homes. Robert College has officially closed for the school year, but “ART DOESN’T STOP”. Students in AP Photo and regular photo classes worked on a special project to highlight their state of mind during this crisis. “ART DOESN’T STOP” emerged as a photo installation on campus with 23 students preparing self-portraits depicting their mood during their time of isolation. They emailed the images to their teacher who printed them in RC's photo room using transparency film for inkjet printers. He displayed them on the windows on one of the hallways, creating a stain-glass effect.

To give the students a real-life exhibition experience, RC partnered with an art center in Tulsa, Oklahoma called “Ahha” to support the virtual exhibit of the installation. Please click here to see the artwork.

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