RC Represented in THIMUN Conference

24 members of RCMUN club represented Robert College in an online THIMUN conference held at The Hague, Nederlands on 25-29 January. Some of the topics discussed were female unemployment, Covid-19 and its implications for disarmement, diversifying supply chains, strengthening the link between development and climate efforts, empowering minority religions, development of digital tools in health and education. Our RC delegates were engaged in productive discussions about equitable solutions to the turmoil we see in our world today. Our Student Officers mediated few committees. They also prepared for the conference beforehand and team trained, tracked the delegates progress, and guided them in writing their resolutions and clauses. The conference allowed students to build a network, and connect with the global community to discuss and tackle the world’s most pressing issues. The organization gave our students an insight into the world’s problems and enable them to understand the causes of conflict between nations. The club members gained confidence in public speaking in front of a global audience.

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