Enthusiastic Celebration of 19 May

Robert College students celebrated the May 19 Commemoration of Atatürk, Youth and Sports Day with enthusiasm during an online program. In the spirit of the school’s balanced approach to the students’ academic, social and emotional development, the traditional Field Day was still held, although from a distance, as a part of the school culture for over a hundred years. All the students joined in the special ceremony where the Head of School and the Turkish Director shared messages, the history teachers and a student gave talks, the school orchestra played the Youth Song, and athletic awards were presented to the students. After the ceremony, the students and the staff participated in live sports activities like yoga and zumba online.     

The RC community celebrated May 19 with activities befitting the significance of this day that marks the earnest beginning of Turkey’s struggle for independence, the move from the rule of a sovereign to national sovereignty, and the path to freedom. Once again the community demonstrated its respect and gratitude to Atatürk who said, “All the hope and future of the nation depend on you, the understand and energy of younger generations," as he often voiced his confidence in the youth in many talks and stressed the importance of sports for healthy and principled generations. 

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